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Grant Requirements

The Patan Devi Foundation is always looking for innovative ideas that advance informed and engaged communities. Our funding strategy targets general operating support, project support for specific programs, public policy and research, capital projects and capacity building, in main areas of focus:reducing poverty and injustice; promoting democratic values; and advancing human knowledge, creativity and achievement. We do not make grants to individuals, or for scholarships, lobbying purposes, political campaigns, film production, Eduaction including Vocational Training or medical research. Letters of inquiry should state the name of the program and strategic funding area that is applicable to the project.

The Patan Devi Foundation requires all organizations seeking funding to have in place a board-approved Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy that specifically includes and lists sexual orientation and gender identity, and requires compliance with all other applicable federal and local EEO laws. Organizations with noncompliant EEO policies will not be considered for funding

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Eligibility Considerations

What we fund:

Note: Patan Devi Foundation does not fund individuals or support requests to pay off debts. In addition, the foundation does not support political activities or attempts to influence specific legislation.

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How to Apply for Funding

Thank you for your interest in the Patan Devi Foundation. We are always looking for innovative ideas that advance informed and engaged communities.

If your organization is eligible to be funded by PDF, the next step is to identify which specific program and funding area applies to your program. The steps below describe the PDF grantmaking process, and the estimated timeframes associated with each stage.

1. Submit an Initial Funding Concept (IFC) – The first step in submitting an initial request for funding or a concept is to use our online system. Clicking on the link at the bottom of this page will bring you to a short IFC form within our grantmaking portal. Once received, it will be directed to the appropriate program staff for review and you can expect to hear from us within 3-4 weeks.

2. Submission of a Letter of Inquiry and full Proposal – If your organization's work aligns with our values, strategic priorities and EEO requirement, your organization could be invited to submit a Letter of Inquiry, and a subsequent full Proposal, which includes the submission of additional organizational and project-specific documentation.

3. Proposal review and funding determination – The LOI and Proposal review may include program officers, directors, vice presidents, the Executive Director and the Board of Trustees. The timeframe varies depending on the size and scope of the proposal. PDF program and grants management staff will be in contact with you during this process and will notify you of the final decision.

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Our grant making focuses on reducing poverty and injustice; promoting democratic values; and advancing human knowledge, creativity and achievement. If your project reflects these priorities, you may submit a grant inquiry using our online form.

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Review the Initiatives most relevant to your work.

Read our Grant Application Guide (PDF), which describes our grant-making process.

If you determine that your work aligns with our priorities, submit a Grant Inquiry. (While we welcome submissions, please keep in mind that our funds are limited in relation to the large number of worthwhile inquiries we receive. In a typical year, less than 1 percent of unsolicited inquiries result in a grant.)

Please Note:

It is important that you use our grant inquiry form-and refrain from contacting program officers directly. Given the volume of inquiries we receive, this allows us to log, track and respond quickly to your application.

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