Char Dham Yatra Package

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Char Dham yatra is the most important Hindu yatra to Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath. The yatra is said to relieve one of the continuous cycle of life and death and helps one to attain nirvana.

Char Dham Budget Package

Char Dham Budget Package: are group travels with fixed departure dates with stay and food in budget hotels. Vehicles used are buses and tempo traveller etc

Every year the Char Dham Yatra opens on day of Akshaya Tritiya which is also known as Akha Teej is highly auspicious and holy day for Hindu communities. It falls during Shukla Paksha Tritiya in the month of Vaishakha. Akshaya Tritiya falling on a Rohini Nakshatra day with Wednesday is considered very auspicious.

Char Dham Packages

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Char Dham Tour package from Haridwar(09 Nights/10 Days)

Rs 15500/- Rs. 13800/-

*Prices may not be updated or are subject to change without prior notice.

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28-Apr 08-May30-Apr02-May04-May06-MayTour Completed
09-May18-May10-May12-May14-May16-MayTour Completed
11-May20-May12-May14-May16-May18-MayTour Completed
15-May24-May16-May18-May20-May22-MayTour Completed
21-May30-May22-May24-May26-May28-MayTour Completed
23-May01-Jun24-May26-May28-May30-MayTour Completed
29-May07-Jun30-May01-Jun03-Jun05-JunGroup On Tour
02-Jun11-Jun03-Jun05-Jun07-Jun09-JunNo Seats Available
06-Jun15-Jun07-Jun09-Jun11-Jun13-JunNo Seats Available
10-Jun19-Jun11-Jun13-Jun15-Jun17-JunNo Seats Available
14-Jun23-Jun15-Jun17-Jun19-Jun21-JunNo Seats Available
17-Jun26-Jun18-Jun20-Jun22-Jun24-JunFew Seats Available
22-Jun01-Jul23-Jun25-Jun27-Jun29-JunFew Seats Available
15-Jul 24-Jul 16-Jul 18-Jul 20-Jul 22-Jul Seats Available
15-Aug 24-Aug16-Aug18-Aug20-Aug22-AugSeats Available
27-Aug 05-Sep28-Aug30-Aug01-Sep03-SepSeats Available
8-Sep 17-Sep09-Sep11-Sep13-Sep15-SepSeats Available
20-Sep 29-Sep21-Sep23-Sep25-Sep27-SepSeats Available
01-Oct 10-Oct2-Oct04-Oct06-Oct08-OctSeats Available

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Chardham Yatra Map


For inquiry and registration call at +918851596711

Day 01: DEHRADUN/HARIDWAR to BARKOT (170 Kms/07 to 08 hrs.)

Upon arrival in Dehradun Airport /Haridwar Railway Station meeting and assistance & drive to Barkot by road.

After Bath at Har Ki Pauri,drive to Barkot via Dehradun, Mussoorie reach Barkot by late evening. Dinner & overnight stay at hotel.

Day 02: BARKOT to JANKICHATTI to YAMUNOTRI back BARKOT (50 Kms drive & 6 way trek)

After an early breakfast proceed to Yamunotri drive up to Jankichatti then 6 kms Trek (One way) to Yamunotri, here one can cook rice by packing it in a cloth and dipping it in the hot water of the hot kund. Pilgrims take this cooked rice home as Prasad. Here near the temple Pooja can be offered to Divya Shila, after taking bath in Jamunabai Kund and having Darshan of Yamunaji. Return back to Jankichatti drive back to Barkot. Dinner & overnight stay at hotel.
YAMUNOTRI: Maharani Gularia of Jaipur built the temple in the 19th Century. It was destroyed twice in the present century and rebuilt again. Yamunotri temple is dedicated to Goddess Yamuna. Yamunotri is the source of revered river Yamuna which originates from the Champasar Glacier lying 1 km ahead of the shrine situated at an elevation of 3235 mts. above sea level. The approach is extremely difficult and therefore pilgrims offer Pooja at the temple itself. Yamunotri was the home of an ancient sage Asit Muni. Yamuna is the daughter of the Sun just like Yama who is considered his son. It is believed that Yama would not torment any person at the time of death who takes a holy dip in Yamuna, his sister.
SURYA KUND: There are a Number of thermal springs in the vicinity of the temple, which flows into numerous pools. The most important is Surya Kund.
DIVYA SHILA: A rock pillar, worshiped before entering the Yamunotri Temple.

Day 03: BARKOT to UTTARKASHI (100 Kms.)

After breakfast drive 100 kms to Reach Uttarkashi,evening free for Relax. Dinner & overnight stay at Uttarkashi

Day 04: UTTARKASHI to GANGOTRI back UTTARKASHI (90 Kms drive one way )

After breakfast leave for Gangotri early in the morning. Post offering Pooja & Darshan at Gangotri Temple, drive back to Uttarkashi, GANGOTRI: Gangotri temple is 18th Century temple dedicated to Goddess Ganga. It is located near a sacred stone where king Bhagirathi worshipped Lord Shiva Ganga is believed to have touched earth at this spot. According to another legend, Pandavas performed the great Deva Yagna here to a tone the death of their kinsmen in the epic battle of Mahabharata. The temple is an exquisite 20 ft. high structure made up of white granite.

Day 05: UTTARKASHI to GUPTKASHI (235 Kms. Drive)

After Early breakfast leave for almost day long drive to Guptkashi. Reach Guptkashi by late evening. Dinner & overnight stay at hotel. GUPTKASHI: Located in the Northern Himalayan belt within the Mandakini river valley, which has lush green forests. A number of streams and rivulets drain into the main Mandakini River. It has salubrious climate with its elevation being around 1,319 meters (4,330 ft.) The snow sparkling view of the Chaukhamba peak is a lovely sight to behold in the morning hours from here. The valley has large magnolia trees (locally called Champa) that provide a sweet scented atmosphere to the place. Kashi Vishwanath Temple & Ardh Narishwar Temple is Attraction point.


After early breakfast leave by vehicle up to Helipad as per the reporting time,do boarding formalities & wait here for your time slot, on arrival at Kedarnath perform early Pooja & Darshan at Temple & come back to Helipad to take return flight to Guptkashi, Dinner & overnight stay at Guptkashi. And for people want to trek will be leaved up to Gaurikund to start your journey on the tough Trek ahead of 14Km, Packed Lunch will be given, comeback to Gauri Kund, meet driver, Dinner & overnight stay at Guptkashi.
KEDARNATH : The present temple built in 8th Century A.D. by Adi Guru Shankaracharya lies adjacent to the site of an ancient temple built by Pandavas. The temple has a conical lingam – the main idol, a statue of Nandi – the celestial bull, a GarbaGrah for worship and a mandap for assemblies of pilgrims and visitors. The temple is more than 1000 years old.

Day 07: GUPTKASHI to PIPALKOTI (164 Kms drive /06 to 07 hrs. )

After breakfast leave for Pipalkoti, on arrival at Pipalkoti check in to hotel,Evening free for Relax. Dinner & overnight stay at Pipalkoti.

Day 08: PIPALKOTI to BADRINATH (80 Kms drive/ 03 hrs. )

After Breakfast leave for Badrinath. On arrival check in to hotel,later go to temple for holy Darshan/ Pooja & attend evening Arti. Dinner & overnight stay at hotel.
BADRINATH: Cradled in the twin Mountain ranges of Nar and Narayan is the holiest of the four main shrines. Badrinath along the left bank of river Alaknanda with the towering Neelkantha Peaks as the splendid backdrop. Once the spot was carpeted with badris or wild berries and hence was famous as Badri van. Legend has it, when the Ganga was requested to descend to earth to help suffering humanity; the earth was unable to withstand the force of its descent. Therefore, the mighty Ganga was split into 12 holy channels. Alaknanda was one of them that later became the abode of Lord Vishnu or Badrinath. NARAD KUND: A recess in the river, near Tapt Kund, forming a pool from where the Badrinath idol was recovered. BRAHMA KAPAL: It is a flat platform a few yards north of the temple and on the bank of river Alaknanda. It is an important place for Shraddha ceremony or offering of pinds to ensure a heavenly place for dead ancestors or manes. It is said that offering pind here, the manes are permanently enshrined in heaven and no more pinds are to be done elsewhere ever afterwards. Legends have it that when Shiva chopped of the fifth head of Brahma, it got stuck to his trident. Lastly with the blessing of Lord Vishnu at Badrivan, the head of Brahma fell down from the trident at this place & hence the name Brahma-Kapal (head). MANA VILLAGE: Inhabited by an Indo-Mongolian tribe, it is the last Indian village before Tibet. The women of the village offer Choli to the deity on closing day of the temple each year. BHIM PUL: On the other side of Mana village, a massive rock forming a natural bridge lies over the roaring Saraswati River. It presents a spectacular view of water thundering down through the narrow passage under the rock and is believed to have been placed there by Bhim, the second eldest among the five Pandava brothers.

Day 09: BADRINATH to SRINAGAR( 190 Kms / 07 to 08 hrs. drive)

Early Morning Mahaabhishek Pooja (optional, which will be booked day before) after breakfast drive to Srinagar En-route Vishnuprayag, Karnprayag, Nandprayag & Rudraprayag. Reach Srinagar by late evening. Dinner & overnight stay at hotel.

Day 10: SRINAGAR to HARIDWAR Via RISHIKESH( 125 Kms / 05 to 06 hrs. drive)

After early breakfast drive to Haridwar en-route visit Rishikesh.

RISHIKESH: 24 Kms. from Haridwar, located in the laps of lower Himalayas, and is surrounded by scenic beauty of the hills on three sides with Holy Ganga flowing through it. The whole place is considered to be sacred as it is believed that meditation at this place leads to attainment of salvation. There are many temples-some ancient, some new along the river Ganges. Rishikesh is important not only as pilgrimage centre closely associated with the Ramayana, but also as home for many important centres of Hindu religious thought and spirituality, and as a very great Yoga Centre. There are many ashrams and Yoga institutes here. Rishikesh is also the gateway and the start-off point for journeys to important religious places like Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri.

Reach Haridwar in the evening,leave for Dehradun Airport & drop for onward journey at Haridwar Railway Station.

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Lodging options during Chardham Yatra

Lodging options at Yamunotri Dham are fewer in number. You can find accommodation options (mainly budget hotels and lodges) en route Yamunotri at places such as Janki Chatii, Barkot, Sayana Chatii and Hanuman Chatti.

Budget Hotels:GMVM Tourist Rest House, GMVM Tourist Rest House, Hotel Yamuna Putra, Hotel Bhagirathi Palace or similar hotels.

Gangotri Dham consists of a few budget hotels and lodges. Uttarkashi, which comes on the way towards Gangotri, has many hotels of budget, deluxe and luxury class. Harsil contains a small number of budget accommodations and in Gaumukh you will have to stay in tents or camps.

Budget Hotels:GMVN Tourist Guest House Bhaironghati, GMVN Tourist Guest House Bhojwasa; GMVN Tourist Guest House Gangotri, Ganga Niketan Hotel Gangotri, Hotel Bhagirathi Sadan Gangotri or similar hotels.

Kedarnath Dham has some budget and deluxe hotels and lodges. While coming towards the holy town, the places that come in the way also offer options for rest and relaxation. Though not a very great number, Rudraprayag and Guptkashi do have a fair amount of hotels, ranging from budget to luxury. You can find accommodation options at Phata, Ukhimath, Agastmuni, Chandrapuri and Sitapur too.

Budget Hotels:GMVN Tourist Bungalow Kedarnath; Hotel Bhopal Bhawan Kedarnath, Hotel Punjab Sindh Awas Kedarnath, GMVN Tourist Rest House Rampur, GMVN Tourist Rest House Gaurikund or similar hotels.

Badrinath Dham has got a good number of budget, deluxe and luxury hotels. Other important places which fall on the way towards the Badrinath Dham, like Joshimath and Govind Ghat, also possess budget to deluxe accommodation options.

Budget Hotels:GMVN Govt TRH Badrinath, GMVN Badrinath Yatri Niwas, SS International Badrinath, Jagirdar Guest House Badrinath, GMVN Tourist Rest House Joshimath or similar hotels


Child up to 5 Years of age= No Charge (W/O seat & bed)
Child between 5-12 years of age= 75% of the package cost with seat, extra bed /Mattress & meals.


1 Pickup and drop facility from Haridwar
2 Vegetarian Meals without Onion and Garlic(Breakfast and Dinner)
3 Twin Sharing Accommodation at all Places.
4 Transportation by non A/C Vehicle with all road, state taxes, driver allowance, permit & night halt charges.
5 02 Bot. of Packaged drinking water per pax per day
6 Morning & Evening Tea/ Coffee


1 Ropeway charges, Entrance charges,VIP Darshan Ticket
2 Doli , Pony , Helicopter.
3 Table drinks, laundry, porter, tips, camera fee,travel insurance, personal expenses of the clients or any other expenses incurred due to bad weather, road closure, landslides etc. and anything not specified in cost include.


1 Booking Amount - Rs.5,000/- Per Person at the time of booking.
2 Balance Payment to be made 60 days prior to the departure date.


1 60 Days to 21 Days prior to the departure of the Tour - Deducting 25% of Pkg. Cost.
2 20 Days to 15 Days prior to departure of the Tour Deducting 50% of Pkg. Cost.
3 14 Days prior to departure of the Tour or No Show on the Tour No Refund


  • 1. AC will not turn on while the vehicle at hills
  • 2. Foundation reserves the right to publish the passengers photograph or group photograph.
  • 3. Type of transport vehicle can be changed in case shortage of passengers because our intention is not to disappoint tourist or cancellation of tour.
  • 4. To make a booking, a nonrefundable deposit of Rs.5000/ is required. Once this has been received confirmation of your booking (in the form of an invoice) will be sent to you. The balance amount must be paid 60 days prior to the departure date of tour. Otherwise we may treat the booking as being cancelled by you.
  • 5. All the payments made by NEFT/RTGS/Online Transfer or Demand Draft should be in favour of PATAN DEVI FOUNDATION
  • 6. The price quoted in our brochure has been calculated at the rate prevailing at the time of printing of this brochure. The Foundation reserves the right to amend the prices published in the brochure.
  • 7. The customer has to bear the proportionate tour cost of extended stay or travelling due to extraneous circumstances. The Foundation reserves the right to cancel at any time any/all the tours without assigning any reason. In such cases the Foundations responsibility shall be restricted to either refund without any compensation what so ever or keep the money for the next available tour if the customer so desires.
  • In case if a tour is cancelled from the Foundations end,then the full refund of the amount paid by the guest will be made within 15 days of Cancellation of the tours.
  • 8.Foundation shall not be responsible for any injury, illness or death, terrorist attack, accident or any Damage or claim of what So ever nature and any loss arising from it. The Foundation is not responsible for any criminal conduct by the third party.
  • 9.Cancellation request must be made in writing by email.
  • 10.There will be no Refund of any unutilized service in part or in full what so ever may be reason.
  • 11.All disputes/legal claims are subject to Dehradun jurisdiction only.