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Patan Devi e Health Center (PDeHC) are units owned and operated by Patan Devi Foundation that provide families in rural villages with clean drinking water, medicines, comprehensive diagnostic tools, and advanced tele-medical services that bring a doctor and modern, evidence-based healthcare to their community. The Patan Devi e Health Center concept builds upon and combines proven models to achieve unique synergies and efficiencies that have the potential to transform rural healthcare and improve wellness, productivity, and quality of life.

What Patan Devi e Health Center do?

Patan Devi eHealth Centers leverage cloud-based IT and data-sharing systems to deliver 21stcentury healthcare services and medical diagnostics to people in remote, resource-poor locations anywhere in the world.


. In India for example, 75% of the country's healthcare infrastructure and resources are concentrated in urban populations where only 27% of the population lives.

. Nearly 90% of rural Indian patients travel more than 8 km to access basic medical services, and the rest travel even farther.

. Existing health clinics often lack high-quality medical care.


. Provide 21st century healthcare services to patients in rural or other underserved areas by utilizing innovative technologies and solutions to create access for remote locations.


Social Impact

Direct social impact through providing underserved hilly, remote, rural and semi-urban communities with greater access to high quality health-care and safe drinking water services resulting in better health and well-being, enhanced productivity and improved standard of living. Also providing alongside, multiple opportunities for employment generation in the local areas.

Human Progress

Provides access to high-quality medical care in communities, where people lack access to such provisions-enabling early intervention and treatment of common health problems without traveling great distances.

Economic Progress

Healthier people lead more productive lives, participate in their local and global economies, and develop innovative ideas to help address community problems.


PDeHC leverage expertise and technology to provide quality, affordable primary healthcare services to people living in resource-poor locations around the world.

PDeHC are designed to integrate into a broader healthcare network of services or they can be deployed independently, depending on a community's existing infrastructure. They serve communities that often lack doctors, functional clinics, Internet access, or even electricity.

Developed in partnership with the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (India) and other reputable, leading healthcare providers and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), PDeHC come fully equipped with key medical diagnostic equipment and workstations, open electronic medical records (EMR) systems and cloud-enabled technology. This groundbreaking framework allows on-site staff members to perform diagnostic tests and send results to doctors half a world away for a remote diagnosis, or consult off-site specialists in real time using the solution's integrated videoconferencing features.

The cloud solution also assists in collecting and analyzing data to further personalize the healthcare experience and facilitate community-wide health monitoring and management.


The PDeHC model is a sustainable social business enterprise with high degree of economic returns for the beneficiary communities.

Growth Potential

The PDeHC social business enterprise model has high potential for being replicable / scalable and thereby qualifies to be of immense value and interest to public sector organizations, corporate social responsibility organizations, social investors and mainstream venture investors and financial institutions.


The PDeHC effectively combines and leverages benefits of the existing and emerging technologies in the Health , Water and ICD domains with an objective to enhance affordability and quality in its products and services offerings.

Patan Devi e Health Center (part of the Patan Devi Foundation) works to reduce morbidity due to water borne diseases by making available high quality low cost drinking water through a network of sustainable community - based water treatment units set up in the villages and small towns. This is a highly scalable strategy that is having a positive impact on the quality of life of rural communities by practically eliminating the morbidity associated with water borne diseases.

Know more about Patan Devi e Health Center-PDeHC

PDeHC offers primary healthcare, it operates rural primary healthcare centres (called Patan Devi e Health Center-PDeHC). Each PDeHP is staffed by a team consisting of a nurse, two to four community workers, a licensed pharmacist and a lab technician.

PDeHC's provide tele-medicine consultations with a variety of specialist and non-specialist doctors. The pharmacy provides low cost generic medicines, and a well equipped laboratory provides reliable diagnostics for common conditions. Vaccination is also provided at these PDeHC's. Fixed day visits by doctors to each PDeHC serve to bring the village population in closer contact with various specialists. Follow up can be then conducted via the tele-medicine link. Patients requiring more specialised treatment are referred to public or private sector secondary healthcare facilities.

The sale of community hygiene services and products such as sanitary pads, reading glasses, by the social marketing route helps provide women health-workers/local entrepreneurs with sources of incremental income.

The Doorstep Heathcare Strategy

Despite challenges such as getting health staff familiar with the use of technology, less than robust working of the newly developed software/hardware, connectivity issues deep in the rural hinterland, positive experience is accumulating and these problems are gradually being sorted out. What is encouraging is the ready adoption of these technologies by health workers and by village folk after their initial hesitation. The doorstep model promises improved pregnancy outcomes and will have a major impact as it is scaled to cover more geographies. It is also readily adaptable to the management of chronic diseases. It also has the great promise of being efficient, comprehensive and cost effective.

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