Patan Devi Food Bank

In a Nutshell

Indigenous peoples and local communities are the holders of traditional knowledge about the use of biodiversity for food security and community health. The development and adaptation of plants and crops to different ecological conditions, such as soils, rainfall, temperature, altitude, and to meet specific community nutritional, medicinal, cultural, and spiritual needs, is the product of traditional knowledge. This knowledge mobilizes sophisticated and complex observations and understandings of, and experience with, the properties of living organisms and their interactions with all elements of local ecosystems. Indigenous peoples, local communities and peasant farmers practice and retain traditional knowledge through dynamic practices of seed saving, storage and exchange that allow for continued innovation in plant breeding. There is a wealth of information that farmers have. Rather than imposing methods and information on farmers, it is important to listen to them.

objective of the PDFB Scheme

The objective of the Scheme is to provide safeguard against starvation during the period of natural calamity or during lean season when the marginalized food insecure households do not have sufficient resources to purchase rations. Villages, Farmers, Poor and Needy.

Three main initiatives under this project.

An alternative Public Distribution System known as the Community Grain Fund.

Massive wasteland development.

The raising of traditional seeds and establishment of decentralized village-level Grain banks.

Who builds Patan Devi Food Bank?

It’s generous local farmers, volunteers and funders that enable this program, for whom we are profoundly grateful. It’s also our admirable community food program (e.g. meal programs, community food banks, shelters, etc.) who provide the final linkage between the produce and our neighbours in need.


Volunteers are at the heart of the Patan Devi Food Bank program and we are infinitely grateful for their ongoing support. Without the tireless support of volunteers – ranging from individuals to corporate teams, and students to community organizations – , this program could never have evolved so quickly.

We also welcome monetary and equipment donations to help make our program more efficient, and to expedite program expansion.

Patan Devi Food Bank Funders

We thank our supporters, donors, and foundation funders who have supported the Patan Devi Food Bank.

How to Partner with us?

To open The Patan Devi Food Bank write us or call +919627200128 for details.